Fr Methodius

Archpriest Methodius (Afandiyev Elnur) was born at 24 of May in 1980 in Azerbaijan.

From 1987 till 1997 he learned in secondary school. In 1997 he passed exams to Baku Slavic University, (faculty of Russian language and literature). After graduation baccalaureate, he continued training in magistracy (faculty of linguistics), which was finished with red diploma.

In 2005 entered the Orthodox Theological Seminary (department of external studies) in Saint-Petersburg, which was graduated successfully in 2010.

Since 2000 till presence he is serving in Russian Orthodox Church. In 2004 he became deacon, in 2005 - priest. In 2012 he was raised to rank of archpriest.

Since June of 2005 till October of 2021 archpriest Methodius was secretary of Baku Diocesan Office, from October of 2021 till December of 2022 - secretary of Diocesan Council of Baku and Azerbaijan Diocese.

In 2010 he was appointed prior of the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael in Baku, which is the oldest Russian Orthodox temple of existing in Azerbaijan now.

Since 2008 he started visiting prisons in Baku. In 2010 with the creation diocesan department for prison service was appointed head of this department. Regularly visits 6 prisons, in one of which there are prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment. During the visit services, conversations, confessions and baptisms are held. There are prayer rooms (chapels) on the territory of 4 prisons.

Archpriest is the head of diocesan departments for prison service, charity and social service, and Church relations with public organisations, member of Publishing and information departments of Baku and Azerbaijan diocese.


Has two children.


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