Marie-Louise Norozi, vice chair

My name is Marie-Louise Norozi, and I am a minister in the protestant Church of Sweden, and have been since 1998. I have been working in a congregation, as a military chaplain and 2010 I became a prison chaplain and a chaplain in a remand center.

I am the coordinating chaplain in Malmö, which is situated in the most southern part of Sweden. And - starting 2024 -the regional coordinator for prison ministry in the diocese of Lund.

A part of my job – outside the correctional services – is also to work with the serenity mass, both in Sweden and in English. Every week people from the 12-step program comes to our  chapel, as part of their recovery. It is really rewarding to be a part of the journey and watch them grow stronger and more confident in them selfs and their sobriety. It is also great to be able to recommend inmates, to come to the serenity mass after they have served their time. A place where they can be them self’s and don´t need to lie about their background, to feel accepted.

I have been to a couple of IPCA conferences and always found it rewarding to meet colleagues in other countries. To have a network of prison chaplains all over Europe and the world is one way to bring peace and love in the world. to be a part of the stearing committee and so help to bild this network, for that I am truly blessed.


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