The orthodox easter

An Easter message to those who celebrate the orthodox Easter


The fast during the season of lent is something inmates knows a lot about –

being without the things they normally take for granted.

Not being able to light the candles nor prepare for the mass at the Holy Thursday.

Maybe you as a priest have been able to take more confessions from inmates, during lent.


At the end of lent, comes the most important time for Christians and that is what we get to remind the inmates of. To bring hope through the word of the resurrection of Christ!


To bring light, in their darkness and help them carry the burden it is to be away from their loved ones. They may certainly not be allowed to light candles, as it is supposed to be done during Easter mass. And they will have to stay behind, in the darkness, instead of going out with those lights with all their loved ones.

But the message of Christ and the remembrance of his victory over death is an important symbol of the Christian faith, that there is life after death. Literally, but also symbolically.


Maybe you get to bless some food, to be served during an Easter dinner in the prison.

Or hand out the most beautiful and colourful eggs.

Symbols of hope and light, where it is most needed.