Cambridge 2017 - Faith and Trust in Prison


Conference Speakers

Magnus Abrahamson

Magnus Abrahamson is a minister in the Church of Sweden and prison chaplain. In 2002 he completed his doctoral dissertation in which he discussed interpretations of the Resurrection. From 1999 to 2005 he taught Systematic Theology at the University of Uppsala. In 2013 he published Brott och förlåtelse (Crime and Forgiveness) asking if God forgives “murderers”, “rapists” and “pedophiles”. He will talk about how the death and resurrection of Christ shapes our understanding of forgiveness.”

Andrew Coyle

Andrew Coyle is Emeritus Professor of Prison Studies at the University of London and Visiting Professor at the University of Essex. He is Director of the International Centre for Prison Studies. With25 years’ experience as a prison governor, Chaplains may will remember his presentation at Stockholm 2010 on international prison standards. His topic will be Prisons Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Ann Power Ford

Ann Power Forde is an Irish lawyer and academic now practising at Doughty St Chambers in London. From 2008 to 2014 she was the Irish judge at the European Court of Human Rights. She will be speaking about Equal Justice for Prisoners in Europe.


Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams was Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002-2012. He is a theologian of international reputation. He will be presenting theological reflections relating the Passion narrative of the Gospels to the experiences of arrest, trial, condemnation, suffering punishment and restoration of prisoners. His addresses will be in the setting of Conference worship. 

Alison Liebling

Alison Liebling is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Cambridge and the Director of the Institute of Criminology’s Prisons Research Centre. Her main interests lie in the changing shape and effects of imprisonment; the role of values in criminal justice; and in the role of safety, trust and fairness in shaping the prison experience. She will be speaking on the theme of Faith, Trust and Fairness in Prison

Irene Becci

Irene Becci studied sociology and anthropology in Switzerland, Italy and the USA. She started to work on religion in prison for her doctoral dissertation and shifted her post-doctoral research to focus on religion-after-prison in Eastern Germany. Since 2012 she has been professor of Emerging Religions and New Spiritualities at the University of Lausanne (CH). She will be speaking about religious diversity in European prisons

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